Friday, 1 March 2013

Puyuhuapi. 24-25th Feb. 2013

Coming across a village like Puyuhuapi is 'humbling' and inspiring at the same time for want of a better phrase. Founded in 1935 by four adventurers there was no land access for over 50 years, when the Careterra was constructed. Until then you could only reach it by sea.

Puyhuapi is tucked in between the trees and the water.

It still has that rather independent air about it, and being situated within a deep, clear fiord it is hard to think of a more beautiful location to found a new community. I admit that we had stunning weather, and I guess if you are around when it recieves some of its 4 meters of precipitaion a year it may not be quite so idyllic. Or perhaps it is just idyllic, and wet.

How it also came to have a renowed artisan carpet output poses some questions, the thermal springs hotels are more a obvious attraction.

On the beach at Puyhuapi, early in the evening on what became to be known as 'The Night of a 1001 Pico Sours'.







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